We stand by our clients through the whole process of digitalization

We analyze existing working methods, digital and analogue tools, communication structures and corporate culture. We ask the right (often uncomfortable) questions to awaken you from deadlocked approaches in thinking. We bring disruptive ideas and the experience of countless projects to guide you on your path of digital transformation.

In doing so, we make sure that the focus is on digital internal communication and collaboration. We regard ourselves as facilitators with a positive outlook. We don’t accept responses like “that won’t work with our infrastructure” or “we have always been doing it that way”. And if we can’t change it, we become stars for workaround solutions.

Communication and collaboration form the basis of digital transformation

It is not IT, but the human being that must be the focus of digital change, because only people make it possible that an investment in change actually results in a change to the good. Processes of internal communication and collaboration, skill and knowledge management are the pioneers of digital transformation.
Those who do not focus on employees, partners and customers in digitalization projects are bound to fail in long-term.

Trust and courage

Our customers trust us and allow us to penetrate deeply into their structures. This is the only way we can explore the real causes of communication problems and discover new ways of internal communication and collaboration together. For this to succeed, our customers need to have courage. In other words, we decline projects with a rider like: “Wash me, but don’t get me wet”.

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