BDEV August 2023

by | 30. Aug 2023 | Communication, Culture & Strategy, Latest, News, Our Company

Team meeting under the guise of ‘business development’

“Business Development deals with the operational and strategic development of a company.” So they say!
At our company, the #BDev day is a special kind of team meeting.

But first the facts on the table, what were our contents:

  • We reflect on the last few months of work to make the last months of business for 2023 more goal and profit oriented.
  • We discuss necessary changes and welcome new faces to the company.
  • We engage in business analysis of customers and competitors.
  • We consciously embrace new marketing opportunities.
  • We deal with new possible heart topics.


These important hours of coming together are marked by food and drink, humor and sarcasm, music and movement, sweating and complaining, getting to know each other and curiously questioning, rolling eyes and smiling – always more a feeling about us as a team.

The company comes first, but we the people who animate and inspire 3kubik must always face new challenges in order to consciously perceive every little nuance of the other.