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Between systemic counselling and radical change

Us guides at 3kubik are a team of culture and strategy consultants, communication consultants, innovation managers, digital workplace architects, change managers and communication artists. Our methods and tools are as versatile as your workplace adventure. We offer customized strategies and digital innovations for market leaders and those who want to become one. You can use 3kubik integrated or in the three individual service areas for your adventure success.

Portraitfoto Mark Heyen

Mark Heyen

CEO | Communication Consultant

»Things will change anyway. Let´s make them change to something better.

Mark Heyen
is the founder of 3kubik GmbH. After stages as the owner of a marketing concept agency with a lot of joy in guerrilla and social media marketing as well as a detour into IT consulting, he found his calling in consulting on digital communication and collaboration. He is a passionate pedant when it comes to optimising communication and change processes.

Portraitfoto Markus Rinka

Markus Rinka

Digital Workplace Architect

»Nothing special, but still special!«

Markus Rinka
was previously working for us as an external partner. Since the end of 2017, he has been a permanent member of the team. He describes himself as an “out-of-the-box artist” who finds a workaround for everything. His skills in Office 365 (especially SharePoint) put him in the position of being able to technically straighten out what our consultants come up with.

Portraitfoto Jessieca Yeboah

Jessieca Yeboah

Innovation Manager

»And that's the way aha aha I like it!«

Jessieca Yeboah
is one of our two Innovation Managers. With many years of experience in design, partner, product and service management, she helps us and our clients to develop and implement the full range of digital transformation, both on the process and technology side, as well as methodologies to establish the changes. Her degree in Environmental Design helps our clients to adapt their non-digital workspaces to the changes. As Director of Happiness, she always has an open ear for all colleagues.

Portraitfoto Helge Podolski

Helge Podolski

Senior Consultant

»Not all those who wander are lost.«

Helge Podolski
is our other Digital Innovation Manager. In this role, he supports our customers in not losing sight of their goals in complex digital transformation projects. In addition to his many years of project experience as a consultant and project manager, he also has a strong knowledge of methods: his studies in business informatics were followed by certifications as a software tester and Scrum Master.

Portraitfoto Florian Münchow

Florian Münchow

Communication Artist

»… yes, with cheese and bacon!«

Florian Münchow
is our Communication Artitst. Creating a people-oriented working environment requires many angles and perspectives, and so he complements our team with his many years of educational experience and his Master of Liberal Arts. While refining the consultant’s craft, he supports the team in design issues, develops new concepts for analogue workplaces with colleagues, and repeatedly directs our attention to previously unseen aspects of work. Nevertheless, he is not concerned with adopting an oppositional stance on principle, but rather with learning what is necessary in order to be able to implement what is right.

Portraitfoto Adelina Topalli

Adelina Topalli

Project Knowledge Manager

»Insert GIF here«

Adelina Topalli
is our Project Knowledge Manager. During her Global Management studies, she was already responsible for analysing and optimising the communication structures of our clients. After her successful graduation and a lot of experience in the daily project routine, her focus shifted to the structuring and coordination of projects as well as resources. In her second role as Feelgood Manager, she continues to make sure that we have enough barbecues, go skiing and relax from the daily work routine.

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