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What we stand for

3kubik - Driving Your Digital Change

We accompany our customers on their way to digitalisation

We Analyse existing working methods, digital as well as analogue tools, communication structures and corporate culture. We ask the right (often uncomfortable) questions to awaken you from ingrained modes of thinking. We induct disruptive ideas and the experience of countless projects to guide you on your path of digital transformation.

In doing so, we make sure that the focus is on digital internal communication and collaboration. We regard ourselves as facilitators with a positive outlook. We don’t accept responses like “that won’t work with our infrastructure” or “we have always been doing it that way”. And if we can’t change it, we become stars for workaround solutions.

Communication and collaboration form the basis of digital transformation

It is not IT, but the human being that must be the focus of digital change, because only people make it possible for an investment in a change to actually yield the results a change can bring for the better. Processes of internal communication and collaboration, skill and knowledge management pave the way for digital transformation.
Those who do not focus on employees, partners and customers in digitalisation projects are bound to fail in the long run.

Trust and courage

Our customers trust us and allow us to deeply penetrate their structures. This is the only way we can explore the real causes of communication problems and discover new ways of internal communication and collaboration together. For this to succeed, our customers need to have courage. In other words, we decline projects with a rider like: “Wash me, but don’t get me wet”.

Read here to find out more about the services we provide to pave the way for digitalisation.


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3kubik is a team comprising communication consultants, innovation managers, software architects and marketeers. Our methods are ensconced somewhere between “Hanseatic reliability” and “radical change”.

Thus, depending on the task, we play with the methods, media and ideologies that are at our disposal to get your digital transformation started. We like facing difficult change processes, we enjoy working on native user interfaces, we have fun critically examining the status quo, and enjoy a passion for constantly exploring the limits of the technically feasible. And when the IT department says: “That won’t work”, we are delighted to find solutions.

Our partners

Our team includes not only our internal workforce, but also various partners, who we particularly involve in the technical implementation, agencies that we engage for change management graphics and interface designs (UX), as well as mediators and economic psychologists when the going gets rather tough. Here you can find some of our partners and organisations.
But the most important fellow player in our team is always the customer. We wish to grow together, become better and enjoy working with you. And that is the reason why we also work on a common platform known as KanBo in all our projects.


Mark Heyen

CEO I Communications Consultant

Mark Heyen is the founder of 3kubik GmbH. After passing through a few phases as owner of a marketing concept agency with much joy in guerrilla and social media marketing, including making a detour into IT consulting, he finally found his vocation in consulting in digital communication and collaboration.


Mariele Müller

Communications Consultant

Mariele Müller joined 3kubik soon after it was founded. She combines several years of experience in the creative industry with sound knowledge of corporate and business communication. On top of that, she brings along a master’s degree in innovation management.

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What our work looks like

The field of consulting on digitalisation, communication and collaboration is wide.
The easiest way to have an idea of our services is by taking a look at the projects we have completed so far.

Our clients


What we offer

Our consulting portfolio is divided into three phases with integrated steps of processes, with proved succesl in collaboration and digital communication projects of any size. They are built on one another and are mutually dependent. If you have already covered parts of this process with another partner or have implemented areas in-house, you can, of course, also pick out the elements that are still missing for a successful project.

Read through the References to find out more about our services in action, and here for our partners and the tools we like to work with most.

Phase 1 - Analyse

Allow us to probe a little deeper, if we may. Only those who look closely and are willing to face difficult questions have the chance to be on the winning side in digitalisation.

Phase 2 - Build up

Building up is perhaps one of the most nerve-racking parts of our work, but also one of the most rewarding. Let us create something new together.

Phase 3 - Introduce

At the end of the day, the success of your project is determined by the question: how well did you accompany your (internal + external) users along their digitalisation journey?



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