Dinner together – 5 tips for good corporate culture.

by | 27. Apr 2021 | Latest, News, Our Company

The other day in the analog world of a family: dinner time. The table is set, the food is on the plates. And the nagging begins. One person doesn’t like mushrooms. The other indignantly demands the other glass, and the third yells that what’s put on the table will be eaten. Everyone is frustrated.

The corporate culture is often similar to the dinner of a random family. So here are five ultimate tips for all CEOs, project managers and annoyed parents.

1. Do it together!

Involve all stakeholders in shaping the process right from the start. Because, if culture is not prescribed, it will be lived by the colleagues and will then also bring something to the company.

The boss of the juice manufacturer Granini, Heribert Gathof, also asked his employees what they wanted to eat and gave them knives and wooden spoons. He involved his employees in the entire strategy – and in everything – including investment issues worth millions. He gave an interdisciplinary team (made up of people from all hierarchies) the task of developing a 5-year strategy for the company. And in doing so, he won across the board. Because the employees pursued their own strategy with full commitment.

2. Recognize added value

Planning (or cooking) together under good leadership is motivating, creates a sense of identification, creates a sense of “we” and leads to success. Good leadership or corporate culture is like a raclette – everyone at the same table, everyone knows what they have to do, can still try something out, and has fun!

3. Culture is (also) a management issue

At the C-level, we have to bend a well-known adage and say: Talk is golden. Because only those who ensure a sustainable corporate culture through transparent communication will cook at star level. The CTOs of this world therefore play a key role when it comes to anchoring innovative technologies in the company in the long term. This succeeds when the corporate culture is right and is lived by all colleagues.

4. Making mistakes is welcome

There is an anecdote about a manager whose bad decision cost his company $1 million. Instead of firing him, however, his supervisor pointed out that he had just invested $1 million in his training and that he would therefore certainly not fire him. What we learn from this? Dealing with mistakes constructively has an enormous impact on corporate culture. You can read more about this exciting topic in our article on error culture at 3kubik.

5. Knowledge is power

Knowledge islands – we all know them! But those who build an atoll out of their islands are way ahead of the game when it comes to New Work and digitalization. The handling of information and data must be anchored in the corporate culture. Because knowledge that is shared becomes power.