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The Challenge

Simplified project work and information exchange between internal and external project participants.

The Vision

Creation of a project platform that combines the manual sending of plans, the tracking of tasks and construction times in Excel as well as project communication with architects and subcontractors in one platform.

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gezeichnete Figur als Knappe
gezeichnete Figur als Knappe
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The Method

Analysis of the existing processes as well as the communication of project management, construction planning and subcontractors in order to create added value for all parties involved.

Establishment of a central communication and collaboration platform via Microsoft Teams for real-time communication and data quality on the construction site and in the office

Simple task overview with direct document linking, especially for plan reviews Microsoft Planner

The Result

With the then newly released MS Teams and various SharePoint extensions, a Teams template was created that enabled GEWOSIE construction management to centrally manage and control the entire construction process.

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Executing construction companies were integrated as partners and, most recently, construction inspections were even carried out via video call. The need to carry analogue plans could also be eliminated and the correction of plans on the construction site could be managed on a tablet in order to establish synchronous knowledge at all times.