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86th Mercedes-Benz Social Media Night
The Social Media Club Stuttgart is a monthly guest at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Entrepreneurs, executives, opinion leaders and social media experts discuss digital trends on these evenings in front of the world’s largest Twitterwall. 1,000 tweets are not uncommon and the guests are therefore well represented on the networks. The MBSMN is established in Germany and over the past five years has become the most successful and largest event series in the field of Social Media & Social Business – and we were right in the middle! ???? On April 3, 2019, we had the honour to be present at the 86th Mercedes-Benz Social Media Night, to give a lecture and to participate in the discussion.


Each time, visitors can look forward to an exciting agenda on all aspects of social media. In addition to “Corporate Influencer”, the focus on this evening was on the social intranet. Mark Heyen gave exclusive insights into his work – more about this will you find in the program overview.

Program overview:
“Social Intranet at Mars
How to get companies to break up their knowledge islands.
Social intranets and communication tools are nothing new anymore and yet we find it hard to make our companies “social”. That technology alone does not solve these problems, shows the Case Study of 3kubik and its customer MARS Petcare Germany.
=> Mark Heyen (@3kubik) CEO 3kubik GmbH, Bremen
“Corporate Influencer.
The visibility of employees in social media has become increasingly important in recent years. More and more companies rely on corporate influencers as brand ambassadors, who show in social media how they are active for their employer and what they stand for in terms of content and personality. Corporate influencers make companies more human!
=> Klaus Eck (@dtales @klauseck) CEO d.tales GmbH
Mark has made clear what it is all about for him when the language of digital workplaces is – it’s supposed to be a workplace for people – that’s the social element that often gets too little attention. One that connects knowledge, finds acceptance because it satisfies actual needs and is a help to employees instead of overtime.
Would you like to find out more? Link VIDEO
The official part is followed by networking. Visitors to the event have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the experts and discuss personal concerns in detail. Many interesting discussions took place, since many find themselves with their company exactly in these problems and misunderstandings.
If you would also like to hear a presentation by Mark Heyen at your event, please do not hesitate to contact us.