AB Enzymes

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The Challenge

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The AB Enzymes GmbH (a subsidiary of Associated British Foods) grew faster than its structures. The familiar ways of working and tools were no longer suitable for this thriving company, hindering it from fully leveraging its potential: Too many tools, too little harmonization between departments and global locations, and no shared mindset.

The Vision

To have consistent ways and tools of global communication and collaboration. Ensuring a common standard for the digital future and growth. Both system- and mindset-wise.

The Method

Challenge everything! Why is a certain process the way it is? Why don´t you share this information and why don´t leaders walk the talk? Why are there so many tools if we could focus on a few core products? Which rules for communication and collaboration do we actually need, to be able to grow unlimited and to onboard people way faster into our teams. These questions were addressed by an evolving team of “guides” who collaboratively defined fundamental principles and autonomously implemented them within their respective departments.

The Result

  • Defined global standards and behaviors that manifest in a standardized way of working
  • A set of behaviors, that focusses on mutuality, transparency, and openness for permanent improvement
  • A standard digital workplace continuously refined through user feedback
  • Automation of numerous processes initiated by the “guides”
  • A new intranet as basis for knowledge management, information sharing and starting automated digital services
  • A highly motivated team of “guides”, equipped to support colleagues in embracing new ways of working and digital tools
  • A transformative shift in mindset and a robust digital infrastructure poised to fuel real growth