Kraft Heinz
New R&D Playbook

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The Challenge

The challenge was to renew the European R&D Playbook and adapt it in such a way that it can be used efficiently in all R&D departments internationally. For this purpose, international content had to be harmonised with regionally specific content. The contents of the playbook are to be applied as an essential standard for certain processes.

A particular challenge was that not all regions used a playbook until then, so this represented a new way of working for these areas.

The Vision

The project was driven by the vision of working in an internationally uniform way in R&D teams, as far as possible. This should make everyone’s work easier and in turn encourage innovation.

The Method

To achieve the goal, content was collected and harmonised, the design and visualisations of the existing European playbook were completely revised, automation and interaction potentials were analysed, user stories were collected and existing processes were considered.

The playbook for the international application was completely redesigned, intensively tested, then adapted and finally made accessible to all.


In order to achieve a high level of acceptance of the playbook, emphasis was placed on comprehensive communication and training measures for the users.

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The Result

The playbook now represents a “one stop shop” for international R&D processes at the Kraft Heinz Company. As a result, user-friendliness has also been greatly enhanced. An appealing design and intuitive user guidance were important to help users find what they need in their work process as quickly as possible.