CoCo – harmonised ways of working

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The Challenge

There was an acute need to set up a digital, cloud-based platform with information management across departments and locations.

Therefore, it was important not only to design functioning workflows for all internal and external employees, but to actually get them excited about building the platform.

The Vision

To build a platform that takes up the idea of Google to share and find information easily.

The Method

Together with the Market Supply Chain department, we developed a lighthouse project that became a success through intensive needs assessments and trainings, an attention-grabbing change campaign and the continued support of the project.
In an extensive analysis phase, we jointly redesigned communication and information structures and streamlined processes.

All internal and external users in the departments were actively introduced to the new platform through training. In the spirit of change management, we used guerrilla and word-of-mouth marketing to awaken demand in the other departments, which was the optimal enabler for the entire rollout.

In the process, we transferred all Mars Petcare and Food Germany departments to CoCo. Since then, other departments in other markets have approached the internal project team to get a CoCo page or to have a platform for better collaboration built that meets their needs. In this way, the CoCo spirit continues to spread independently through the group structures.

The Project Process

A central collaboration and change strategy was defined.

Team page structures, elements and access rights were defined with each team individually.

Change communication and trainings were conducted.

CIP meetings with key users and technical adjustments take place regularly.

gezeichnete Figur mit Schutzanzug mit einem Wanderstock über der Schulter mit Kochtop und Beutel mit Zutaten

The Result

CoCo Advantages

standardises and simplifies working methods.
… helps to get things done instead of spending time searching and asking questions.
… wants employees to be curious and experience new digital ways of working.
… helps to reach hidden knowledge: share, use and improve together..

In Numbers…

approx. 150.000 documents
in 14 CoCo-Site-Collections

Collaboration with
700 internal
and 130 external users

from 12 different departmental ways of working
to 1 common way of working

Tool-Guidance created,
shutting down old systems
and replaced local drives with the cloud