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The Challenge

With the introduction of Office 365, the question arose as to how communication between employees and departments could be promoted, document management harmonised and standardised, task management structured transparently and comprehensibly and knowledge management designed in a participatory manner using new tools.

The Vision

All employees have a common mindset, which is fostered by the fact that our internal communication is low-threshold and solution-oriented. By using technological possibilities, the organisation becomes more efficient by making information quick and easy to find, reducing processing times and automating processes.

With the involvement of key users from the departments, we enable knowledge transfer among ourselves and share knowledge where it makes sense. We network our knowledge across departments and thus minimise frictional losses. Managers promote the new ways of working and the use of the new tools by setting a good example.

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The Method

In various workshops on the core topics of communication, document and task management, automation and knowledge management, we jointly evaluated existing problems and hurdles, but also wishes for a future digital workplace and interactive knowledge management. For this purpose, topics were collected and prioritised, for example, in Forms surveys and Conceptboard.

In addition, a test environment was set up in which the project members could try out their ideas in a prototypical environment and derive open questions. The technical connections between team/project workplaces and the knowledge management platform were visualised in a holistic diagram.

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A change concept was created so that the change could be communicated to the target group. For this purpose, a mission statement was jointly formulated, a project name was defined for all sub-areas, knowledge management and the key users, and a logo was designed for the project and knowledge management. Additional media such as postcards, a wall graphic or video interviews were designed to involve non-project participants. This project-related concept was later transferred into an overarching change project that addressed all overarching strategic projects and programmes.

The Result

The result of the project, which lasted more than a year, was an information and knowledge networking platform that enables all employees to access information and knowledge easily and quickly, while at the same time enabling cross-departmental participation. Standardised workplaces based on teams are provided for departments and their teams as well as for working groups and projects.
These workplaces contain a set of tools and standards for communication and task and document management, thus ensuring a uniform way of working. Processes that previously ran on Word/paper documents are digitalised and networked, minimising process runtimes and creating transparency. Within the framework of the defined standards, individual design options are available so that individual/changing needs can be implemented at any time.
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