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The Challenge

Our client Swietelsky is planning a strong increase in new talent for the future. Therefore, the challenge is to provide the
employees with diverse workplaces and collaborative workspaces that are oriented towards the needs of the professionals, but at the same time ensure an efficient use of space.

The design of the office space should go beyond pure function. Swietelsky is much more concerned with promoting collaboration and cooperation and supporting the company’s digital profile with the new architecture.

The Vision

We create a physical workplace under the motto “my home is my castle” and thus make the office a second home – a place where people like to be. The workplace in the analogue space is thus part of an authentic working world and the harmonisation of digital and physical work.

The Method

In order to carry the project broadly into the department and the company, we identified key users or internal influencers who, as direct contacts, kept the fears and barriers of the change low. These influencers were part of a defined change campaign that accompanied the course of the project in small steps.

In joint workshops with all project participants, we conducted a needs analysis and defined the scope of the project.

The Result

The result is an integrative space concept, including technical concept, greening, air conditioning, wall design, exhibits, digital showroom and retreats, which in the next step goes into the implementation planning.