New Work
& Work Space Concept

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If you want to integrate new and improved ways of working into your everyday working life, you have to understand them. We are your architects for an agile working world that adapts to new challenges. Our strategy for your opportunities and potential is New Work. New Work enables modern, digital, strategic and analogue working. We support you in transferring the digital profile of your company into the analogue space. This way you ensure that your team identifies with the projects and your efficiency goes through the roof.

Our Services

Your office becomes a market of possibilities.

Needs Analysis

In discussions and workshops, we get to know the culture and processes of your company and find out what you and your team need.

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After a detailed needs analysis, we start with the actual planning. We create designs that are tailored to the needs and individual workflows of your department. In our concepts, good design, quality and well-thought-out ergonomics are just as important to us as the room climate and noise protection. Only when we consider all the needs and requirements of your team will your office space become a unique place that unleashes unimagined creative potential.

gezeichnete Figur als Imker mit Imkerhut und Smokelampe

Technology Consulting

What technology is needed in the analogue space to ensure continuity with the digital? From room booking to workshop equipment, desktop workstation design and Springer offices to telephone corners, the analogue workplace can no longer do without digital. Let’s define together what you need for your everyday work. But also, what you need in “feel-good and creative spaces” where technology is more of a nuisance.

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