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Project management is not finished with the creation of a project plan. Rather, it begins with the identification of the relevant adjusting screws or the completion of these to be able to fall back on the right tools and make the right decisions in every single phase of the project throughout its entire duration. With our experience in diverse and complex projects, we can take the difficult work off your hands so that you can fully concentrate on the actual change.

Can you also do a relaxed project route?

We make the plan.
You take charge of the change.


Standards must always fit into the organisation within which they are to be lived out. That’s why we base our project management approach on existing industry standards such as IPMA, but place the greatest value on being able to meet your individual needs.

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Our certified Scrum Masters will be happy to work out with you whether your project can or should be realised in an agile process. In contrast to “classic” project management, Scrum focuses more on the iterative development of a product and leads to outstanding results through proven tools, if the framework parameters are right.

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Project planning, management and controlling

No project ripples along consistently in one direction like a waterfall. That is why it should not be planned or controlled in this way. It is important to us that react to new findings or events at any time and that we do not subordinate the success of the project to the dogma of the original planning. To this end, we plan projects with regular and transparent communication to the important interfaces in the company and always have several options for action in mind.

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In many (sub-)projects, actors cannot always keep track of all interlinkages and co-dependencies. As a partner, we support here by promoting the transfer of knowledge between the individual projects and, of course, by being able to report from our experience.

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